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Our Advisors
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William Harnden

William has been supporting Kick Start Art since the launch of the Chin State projects in 2017, providing guidance on proposal and report writing, strategy and operations. Originally from the UK, William has been working on development projects in Asia since 2009, and is currently an independent consultant supporting grassroots development projects in various regions across Asia and Africa.

Phil Town.jpg
Phil Towns

Phil Towns is a retired firefighter and woodworker and first encountered Kick Start Art back in 2012 when he did his first volunteer teaching job in Mae Sot. He has been teaching and working with other Burmese organizations ever since, and gradually becoming more involved with Kick Start Art. He suspects as his Dad is an artist and former art teacher, he always instilled in him the value of art, not only providing a great outlet for kids' artistic skills but also allowing them to express themselves emotionally in ways they maybe can't academically or verbally.

Greg Tyrosvoutis

For the past 10 years Greg Tyrosvoutis has worked to support the provision of inclusive, recognized education for migrant, refugee and ethic populations from Myanmar. Greg has held roles as a Teacher, Academic Coordinator, Education Specialist and is currently the Director of TeacherFOCUS. In this role he leads advocacy planning, educational research and teacher resource development for teachers largely unaccredited working in Thailand and Myanmar. Greg is an amateur artist himself, holding 1 show each year to raise needed funds for organizations like Kick Start Art. 

Ellen Somers.jpg
Ellen Somers

Ellen has been engaged with Kick Start Art since 2020. Having years of international experience in fundraising, grants and operational management, including on the Thai-Burma border, she supports Kick Start Art in various ways such as report writing and strategy. Currently living in the Netherlands, Ellen is working for an NGO that promotes child rights, child care and access to education in low income countries. 

Camilo Ocean

Camilo Ocean has been coaching young artists in the Mae Sot area since 2011. Through coaching sessions and workshops, Camilo has been working with artistic talents like John Khai helping them improve technically for about 20 years as a professional artist, mentor and teacher. Camilo has over the last years successfully worked alongside leading neuro psychologists in Denmark, implementing art therapy in the recovery process of traumatic brain injuries.

Our Partners
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