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Our Story

John Khai, originally from a town called Tonzang in a remote region in northwestern Myanmar that lacked educational opportunities, decided to travel to Yangon to pursue better opportunities, before settling in Mae Sot, Thailand in 2007. In this border town, John was able to study at a migrant school where he learned art. Art quickly became a passion for him, and this led him to become a teacher with Kick Start Art in 2011, and assist in providing art classes in migrant learning centers in Mae Sot. 



After seven years with Kick Start Art, John Khai was appointed Director in 2018, and currently oversees all its operations. This was an important step in the history of the NGO, as John became the foundation’s first director of native Myanmar descent. Spurred by its achievements in the migrant schools, Kick Start Art decided to use its teaching methods to reach new communities. Since John has been in charge of Kick Start Art, the foundation has also expanded its reach geographically by providing art teaching workshops inside Myanmar. 

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John and the rest of the KSA team are dedicated to continue teaching art education and art therapy to enrich and uplift the lives of displaced and marginalized communities. Through this work, KSA wants to ensure the next generation grows up with the benefits of a creative education, thus creating well-rounded leaders.

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