Our Artists on the Ground



Programme Director

John Khai is originally from Tonzang, Chin State in Myanmar. He was first involved with Kickstart Art in 2007 when he arrived as a student in Mae Sot. He learned art through involvement with Kickstart Art, becoming our Senior Art Teacher in 2011, and then Programme Director in 2018. John Khai has developed his technical skills and his creative approach, and continues to exhibit his pieces locally and nationally.


Art Teacher

Kyaw Khine is an artist from Karen State in Myanmar. Disappointed with the lack of education opportunities in his country, he came to Thailand when he was sixteen, and settled in Mae Ra Moe refugee camp. It was there that he discovered a passion for art. He practiced art as often as he could during his five years in school in the camp, before joining Kickstart Art as an art teacher in 2014.


Trainee Art Teacher

Sui Sui is from Chin State in Myanmar. She and her family have lived in Umpiem refugee camp since 2007. She joined Kickstart Art in 2018 as our office / admin staff member so that she can learn art alongside our experienced artists.


Events Coordinator

Rebeca Lacasa has worked for several years on the Thai-Myanmar border with displaced children and their communities. Rebeca specialises in spiritual wellness through the medium of art and meditation. She uses her techniques to support people to overcome crises, traumatic experiences, for cognitive and spiritual development and stress reduction.




Rob has four years of experience working in Southeast Asia, and specialises in children's rights, access to education, and alternative care systems. He previously lived in Mae Sot, Thailand, spending 18 months as Kickstart Art’s Director. Rob is currently based in London, where he oversees a portfolio of thirty development projects with Safe Child Thailand.


William has been working on development projects across Asia for the last 10 years, and currently lives in Mae Sot, Thailand. He first got involved with Kickstart Art in March 2018 when he supported its first project inside Chin State, Myanmar. William is dedicated to assisting locally run organisations to make a sustainable difference in their communities.


Phil is a retired firefighter who has worked as a volunteer teacher with Burmese migrants, and as an intern for a Burmese human rights organisation for political prisoners in Thailand and Myanmar for the past seven years. He has been a supporter of Kickstart Art since 2012, and understands the value of art as a medium for providing an avenue for children to express their emotions when they may struggle to do so either academically or verbally.


Greg has worked for the past 8 years in SE Asia in various roles as a Teacher, Academic Coordinator, Education Specialist and Educational Researcher. Currently, Greg is the Program Director of TeacherFOCUS Myanmar: an organization dedicated to empowering marginalized teachers working in migrant schools on the Thai-Myanmar Border.

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