Kickstart Art has two active programs in Myanmar. The first is its summer camp program based in Tonzang in the Chin state. This is part of KSA’s mission to increase educational opportunities in marginalised communities. Over the last year, the summer school program reached 380 students from at least 12 villages. Students benefit from studying art, an opportunity not presented by the local curriculum, and the skills it provides such as creativity, collaboration and self-expression.

The organisation also runs follow-up sessions throughout the year to ensure these benefits are built upon rather than lost. In the future, Kickstart Art wants to expand this activity into other marginalised areas of the country, such as the Karen state and Kachin states, as well as starting teacher training.

Kickstart Art runs another scholarship program in Myanmar to provide opportunities in higher education for students from remote areas. This will provide 3 students with a chance to attend art school in Yangon. Not only will this give them the direct benefit of better prospects, but it will also indirectly benefit their communities as during the holidays they will return home to assist KSA with its operations, sustainably growing the organisation’s network.