Kickstart Art currently has three programs active in Thailand, most of which are located in the border town of Mae Sot. The organisation teaches art in migrant schools, which is excluded from their education, encouraging creativity, collaboration and self-confidence. This amounts to teaching 800 students across 11 schools per week, in which the students are displaced children from Myanmar between the ages of 7 and 19.

Kickstart Art is looking to launch the New Generation Project to tackle gender equality whilst sustainably growing the charity. This involves training a group of 5 young female teachers from Light School to become fully paid art teachers who will spread the unique set of skills an art education provides, widening KSA’s impact.

The next activity that Kickstart Art will be launching is a scholarship program to provide migrant children the opportunity for higher education. This will involves awarding a scholarship to 3 talented and passionate KSA students to an art school in Yangon. In the holidays, these students will assist with the organization’s activities in Thailand and Myanmar to sustainably expand Kickstart Art’s network